Peter Schroeder

Peter Schroeder is an award-winning DJ, entrepreneur, and the founder of Telzio, a unified communications company. Peter develops unrivaled technology and products, that make people’s lives easier by streamlining and simplifying repetitive tasks.

A pioneer in innovation from music to technology, Peter works with businesses to address mission-critical telecommunications so they can quickly implement, manage, and expand for success. Peter has over 20 years of experience creating modern technologies. 

In addition to being a serial entrepreneur, Peter is an artist at heart. He was a featured radio and TV reporter, and appeared on talk shows and tv stations across Denmark by the age of 12. He founded Scandinavia first and largest largest social media platform for artists at the age of 14, selling it to a major corporation to pursue a career in music by the time he turned 18. Peter quickly rose to become one of Denmark's top DJs, entertaining audiences of up to 180,000. He has over 20 platinum records, 40 gold records, and a triple nomination for the Danish DJ awards.

"I lead a team of experts in building unrivaled technology and products, that make people’s lives easier.


1995 Reports for national radio

Peter was the youngest voice on radio, when he at age 11 traveled across the country to interview other kids for Danmarks Radio. This later expanded to national TV as well.

1998 Creates A social media

As first to create a social media platform for artists, in the early days of the internet Peter launched Tegnebordet, which later became Scandinavias biggest community for artists.

2002 First Club DJ residency

After years of DJ'ing at private events, Peter finally landed his first residency in one of northern Denmark's most popular night clubs shortly after turning 18.

2002 First company exit

Over the past 4 years, Tegnebordet had grown from idea to a real social media platform with tens of thousands daily users, and was eventually acquired by an international competitor.

2003 Creates hit Band aycan

Peter began producing music of his own, and when he met Casper Østergaard they decided to form a band together - Aycan was born. Not long after, Mette Veronica and Darwich joined, and in 2004 they were signed by Andorfine Records in Germany.

2005 Launches 6AM Records

To have more skin in the game, Peter launched 6AM Records - an independent record label focused on electronic dance music. In just two years, the label signed 10 artists and released more than 30 records, of which several topped both national and international charts.

2007 Releases solo Record

After several years with Aycan, Peter recorded his first solo single Uhh la la la, which was released in 18 countries and reached #4 on the club chart in Germany, which was the world's biggest market for electronic music at the time.

2008 Second company exit

With the focus on new projects, Peter accepted an offer to let 6AM Records be acquired by one of the world's biggest record labels. Same year, he was nominated for artist of the year at the Danish DJ Awards.

2009 Joins Denmarks Radio

On the same day, Peter was offered a job as the producer of MTV Denmark and another as a full-stack developer at Denmarks Radio which is the most visited website in Denmark. Because the job at MTV required him to relocate to Hungary, he instead accepted the position at DR.

2011 Produces Multiple albums

After several successful releases under the name Pete Fox, and a calendar packed with gigs all over the world, Peter met the Danish/Hawaiian pop star Joey Moe, and together they created several #1 singles, of which many received several platinum certification by IFPI.

2013 Moves to Los Angeles

While taking a break from music, Peter met his wife on a trip to the United States, and while she was visiting him in Denmark, Peter had the idea for what later became Telzio. While waiting for a visa for USA, the coded the first MVP for a cloud based phone service for businesses.

2013 Launches Telzio

While spending 3 months living with his father while waiting for a visa for USA, Peter has created a beta version of Telzio, and shortly after relocating, the company was formed and the product launched.

Our RECENT Case-Studies

"If you are very strong, you must also be very kind"
- Pippi Longstocking
"Den der har evnen, har pligten"
"He who has the ability, also has the responsibility."
- Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller

People say

clear vision

Peter is a hands-on leader who is not hesitant to roll up his sleeves and work alongside his team. His genuine enthusiasm for mentoring and developing talent shines through in the way he encourages and inspires his team members to attain their greatest potential.

Ken Rutkowski

International speaker & radio personality
Founder of METAL International

creative maverick

Peter’s professional journey exemplifies the beauty of embracing the unexpected twists and turns that define a non-linear career path. It highlights how detours and unplanned opportunities often lead to groundbreaking innovations.

Christopher Lind

Globally recognized, digital-first HR leader.
Author of Relentless Intention. Host of Learning Tech Talks.

embracing change

Innovation, passion, and persistence are paramount to any successful startup.
Peter Schroeder has built an enterprise that punches way above its weight.

Craig McCartney

Managing director of Chief Nation

"I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that."
- Astrid Lindgren


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Frequently asked questions

How would you define leadership?

I think leadership is inspiring others to share a vision and strive toward a common goal. Leaders inspire their teams.

Setting an example, communicating well, creating a healthy and productive work atmosphere, and teaching team ownership and accountability are all important. There are a lot of cliches about leading by example, which are true, but you have to get them excited about what it is you’re excited about and then it all happens naturally.

True leaders can inspire their teams to reach their maximum potential and innovation, so they can perform their best and achieve more than they thought possible.

What makes your company stand out from the competition?

What distinguishes my company from the competition is our solidarity-first mindset.

We're a start-up born with an unwavering urge for innovation and customer satisfaction. We were the first to create a number of tools that enable businesses to manage enterprise-level tech without the need for an IT department.

We believe in democratizing technology and leveling the playing field, allowing everyone, regardless of background or resources, to succeed.

What is Your mission how do you help people?

I'm on a mission to level the playing field by providing everyone the tools and resources that otherwise only Fortune 100 has access to.

My goal is to provide individuals and small businesses with the same opportunities as large corporations. I believe everyone, regardless of background or resources, should have an equal chance at success.

Do you have a favorite quote that you live by, and why?

Worrying about things you cannot control is pointless.

Concentrate on solving your problems. If it's beyond your control, then don't let it prevent you from improving the things you can do something about.